Graduate Students

Berkeley Black Geographies is comprised of a robust and stellar group of graduate students who serve as critical partners in the project. Their work stands as one of the greatest indicators of the development and contributions of Black geographic thought and spatial process. Their research across the diversity of their projects seeks to understand how racialization orders our world, and how the everyday articulations of that experience produced a novel understanding of that world. De-centering western thought, our students are committed to producing new vocabularies for the Geography discipline.
Our current roster of students, in order of arrival, include:

Jane Henderson
Maria Pettis
April L. Graham-Jackson
Bobby Moeller
Morgan Vickers

William Carter

Annie Lloyd
Juleon Robinson
Adam Hasan

Jasmine Martin

Edward Martin

Sibahle Ndwa

Berkeley Black Geographies Alum:

Camilla Hawthorne 
Kaily Heitz
Kerby Lynch